Provisioning of Azure Cognitive Service resources with Terraform

The Azure Cognitive services can be provisioned with Terraform building blocks using the “azurerm~>2.0” plugin.

The Azure AI cognitive services which support currently provisioning via Terraform are listed

    - Azure Computer Vision
- Azure Face API
- Azure Text Analytics
- Azure Text Translator
- Azure QnA Maker
- Azure Personalizer
- Azure Custom Vision
- Azure LUIS API
- Azure Immersive reader
- Azure Form recognizer
- Azure Content Moderator
- Azure Anomaly Detector
- Azure Speech

**The Azure Cognitive Services in preview as of writing are not included

The terraform configuration starts with generic terraform “resource” declaration block followed by the type of resource & terraform resource name. Then it’s required to provide the respective Azure resource attributes like

The sample terraform code for provisioning the Azure Computer Vision API is as followed

resource “azurerm_cognitive_account” “computer_vision” {

depends_on = [azurerm_resource_group.example]

name = “${var.computer_vision_instance_name}”

location = azurerm_resource_group.example.location

resource_group_name =

kind = “ComputerVision”

sku_name = “F0”

tags = {

“Environment” = “Dev”

“CostCenter” = “ML/AI”



The repository link of the Azure cognitive services APIs provisioning through Terraform configurations is available in the following link on Github

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